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Story of Songs for Shelter – Songs for Shelter 2020

When I was six years old, my parents would bring me downtown to a group home serving homeless youth. I was just a kid having fun and happy to be singing in their talent shows, but I had no idea what challenges youth face on the streets every day. No idea at all. But I do now.

Ava Parisi

Co-founder Ava Parisi tells us the story of Songs For Shelter

In late 2014, my Dad and I were discussing how to put my love for singing and music to work for teens who are homeless and living on the streets of San Diego. We talked about how each of us has the ability to help someone – a hug, some food, or a warm bed can change a life. So, I decided that I wanted to do something for my fellow teens – teens just like me in so many ways but who find themselves living on the streets of San Diego. I just couldn’t imagine being on the streets as a teen and my Dad and I started Songs For Shelter to literally give a voice to what is an invisible and heart breaking tragedy.

We have made real change in the lives of youth

My dad and I produced two concerts and raised nearly $17,000. We could never have done it without the support we received from San Diego Youth Services from day one. I’m so excited that Songs for Shelter will now continue to help youth in San Diego and other cities for many years to come as a signature program of San Diego Youth Services!

You can make a difference.

Your donations make a difference. Attend the concert, spread the word, and consider donating to support services that make real change for youth struggling to survive. You can help save a life.