160802_3078457_sal_valentinetti__live_performance_2SAL VALENTINETTI

Sal, now 21 years old, first learned the American standards at his grandmother’s knee and his passion grew further when he discovered his hidden vocal talent in his teenage years. “Sal the Voice,” as he is known by everyone from Brooklyn to Bayshore, can be found on most Sundays sipping cappuccino at the café, telling stories, making jokes and planning his next move – to bring back to American pop culture the consummate, classy, old-school entertainer with a heart of gold.

When his grandmother passed away, her music was all Sal had to remember her by. He had previously tried out for season 14 of American Idol, where he successfully made it past the auditions but did not proceed to the live shows. On Season 11 of Americas Got Talent Sal wowed the judges and won Heidi Klum’s golden buzzer. He then successfully won over the Judges and America and proceeded all the way to being a top five Finalist.

An old soul, Sal hopes to bring back the swagger and coolness of the Rat Pack times, when Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin gave America great music, great fun and great laughs. Sal would love to one day host his own Dean Martin style variety show with celebrity roasts, incredible music, and great comedy.

When Sal isn’t singing, working, attending school or spending time with family, Sal is an avid New York sports fan and enjoys rooting against all things Boston!