piatt-pundPIATT PUND

Piatt Pund, currently 15 years old and a freshman at Mission Bay High School, began his music career busking on the famous Pearl Street walking mall in Boulder, CO, a long-time gathering place for musicians and street performers on the edge of the Rocky Mountains near Denver. He began performing there at the age of 7, playing folk and traditional fiddle alongside his older brother for crowds of locals and tourists. He soon added the ukulele, vocals and guitar to a growing repertoire of rock, pop, island and jazz, moved to Pacific Beach, California, and now plays regularly in cafes, restaurants and pubs in coastal SoCal both solo and in the duo Talking Trees with his violinist brother. He also performs lead vocals in the P.B. favorite rock band Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Frostie. He trains in vocals with Karyn Overstreet and recently in classical violin with the Tseitlin Studio of Rancho Santa Fe. See Piatt and hear his music at TheTalkingTrees.com.