natasha-segui-verticalNATASHA SEGUI

Natasha Segui is a 15 year old sophomore who lives and breathes music. She has been singing since she was in elementary school, with her “solo debut” at her school talent show in 6th grade. She now actively performs in musical theater and dramatic productions, with roles ranging from Motormouth Maybelle in “Hairspray” to Vera Elizabeth Claythorne in “And Then There Were None.” Her most recent credits include roles in the Grossmont College Summer Conservatory production of “80 Days”, and in CYC Theatre’s production of “The Wiz.” While music and acting are two of Tasha’s great passions, another is advocacy for those who are hurting or are in difficult places. Tasha was adopted out of a difficult situation at a young age, and therefore has great compassion for people who need a new life or a second chance. She is honored to be able to lend her voice to support Songs for Shelter 2016.