fullsizerenderMAYRA VILLA-PEREZ

Mayra Villa-Perez is a singer-song writer and makes up the other half of The Bohemians. Originally from Los Angeles, she decided to move to San Diego to pursue bachelors degrees in both Business Administration and Finance with a minor in Spanish at the University of San Diego and is currently in her Junior year.

Her interest in music began from a young age when she would visit her grandpa in Mexico during the summers and hear him sing and play the harmonica for her and her sister. However, she did not actively pursue her interest in music until she joined an all female A cappella group her senior year of high school. During her freshmen year of college, she had the strong desire to learn how to play the guitar and decided to teach herself how to play.

That same year, Mayra met Monse and they began singing together. They decided to form a folk/indie duo and named themselves The Bohemians. Since then, they have recorded a few original songs and have performed at events together. Mayra believes that music is a means to help people come from a place of understanding and bring hope to those who desperately need it.