David Patrone is an Entertainer. Period. Nostalgic but offering something new, David Patrone frames entertainment in front of a variety of legitimate Jazz ensembles but he’s hard to qualify as just a Jazz Vocalist. Sure he croons and delivers Jazz standards with the distinctive swagger found in Frank Sinatra, and the Rat Pack, with a legitimate Jazz foundation. He can scat, for real. He is one of only a handful of living vocalists who can pull off vocalese entertainingly and he has also written several vocalese compositions of his own. His ensembles are reminiscent of an era’s swanky style that preceded most of our births and are comprised of some of the most impressive jazz musicians alive today. Despite the homage to the past, David is firmly rooted in the now. He exists in the moment in a way that only an improviser can and he is as much a comedic and physical improviser as he is a musical one. He transitions from the stage to walk among among his audience with ease, the audience becomes an extension of the stage and he imposes generously. You never know what is going to happen on any given performance, except to say that you will be entertained. You may find yourself rolling your eyes in amusement like a jaded spouse while other times you will turn and say, “wow, did that just happen?” Either way, David’s show demands a reaction.

David was born in Philadelphia to a culturally diverse family who exposed him to everything from the “Philly Sound” to Gospel while he grew up with the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Gospel, Rap and Hip Hop around him. David was break dancing at 12 while Mom taught him to swing and Dad taught him to sing. His grandfather, Chick Patrone was a pop singer in the 40’s and every member of his family plays at least one instrument. Cutting his teeth in church choirs, he began trumpet at 9. At 11, David and his best friend Chip began recording their own radio station and would spend nights creating voices for strange commercials, songs and public announcements of controversial nature, coming from experiences learned on the streets. After a colorful adolescence in the backstreets and alleyways of Philly and it’s surroundings, David joined the United States Marine Corps at the ripe age of 17 and served 10 years as an Aviation Explosives technician. During his time in the Marines, David traveled the world and sought entertainment in all venues around the US and in such diverse places as Norway, Japan, Italy, Greece, Israel, UAE and East Africa. Nearing the end of his service in the Marines, David sought to compile a band of nostalgic American Music which he had come to love through the voices of Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan, Ray Charles, Mel Torme, Harry Connick Jr., Diana Krall and other masters of the American songbook .

David is an avid alpinist and mountaineer. He and his brothers hiked half of the Appalachian Trail in 2008 for Charity and film/blogged the entire excursion. David later created “Pacific Crest Jazz Tour” where he Thru-hiked from Mexico to South Lake Tahoe, performing gigs in cities and towns along the way which he also film/blogged extensively. David also runs a Radio Show called “The Speakeasy” which addresses Hospitality industry and others of his personal interests like The US Constitution. David is an impresario of entertainment and strives to create exceptional experiences for his clients and is pleased to lend his talents to Songs For Shelter to raise awareness and money for the tragedy of teens sleeping on the streets of San Diego.

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