One thing leads to another. Cael now 18 years old started on the guitar at 8 years old, piano at 12, drums at 13, and got to writing and producing all of his own music by the age of 14. Not only is he writing and producing all the music he puts out, but he’s directing and narrating video messages to major artists like Drake and Kanye West. He’s sneaking into Grammy parties, singing for celebrities, and creating a San Diego based pop, R&B, and soul sound that feels just right. His objective as an artist is to be as brutally honest and dynamic as his lyrics are. This is a kid who is creating a lane in music sonically and personally. Cael is going to be as big as any pop star and as approachable as someone playing a show in a coffee shop. He’s on a mission to get to know you as a person. Music is his “vehicle” and that’s what will enable him to be a part of your life. Cael’s ever-growing sound keeps evolving and he loves watching it build. Whether your heart is broken or you feel invincible Cael has the theme song to your day.