Alicia Previn is a world-renowned musician and indie-published author. Classically trained as a violinist by Virginia Majewski in Los Angeles and Joan Rotchford-Davies at London’s Royal Academy of Music, both chosen by her father, the legendary conductor / composer / pianist, Sir Andre Previn, Alicia, also known as Lovely Previn, is a renowned improvisational recording artist, band, singer/songwriter, and dancing violinist who has toured the world with several bands such as “In Tua Nua” and enjoyed several European #1 hits, “The Young Dubliners” and “The Hothouse Flowers” to name a few. Alicia has a new EP of her own songs. She has a gift collaborating and improvising on her electric green violin in wild styles & genres each week in venues all over San Diego and beyond. Alicia also volunteers for Scripps hospitals playing pop music with trio The Rose Three. A discography of Alicia’s work can be found on and videos of her performances can be found on her YouTube channel.